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Bar K Ranch
PO BOX 1116
Crested Butte, CO 81224
Tel: 970.349.5462
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a hunt with Bar K Ranch?
In order to secure a spot for an archery or rifle hunt we will need a signed contract and 50% deposit check. Usually we book up in the early months of the year. It is best to call or email the office with the contact inforamtion of the hunters and the season that you are interested in. We will then email a hunting contract for you to review, sign and return with the deposit check.  
You can reference the dates & rates section on this website for prices of the hunts.
Office phone: 970-349-5462
Office email: huntbark@gmail.com

Where is Bar K Ranch and are the hunts on private or public lands?
Bar K Ranch is located in the heart of elk country in west central Colorado. Situated in game management unit 521, we hunt on 5000 acres of private and public land. We hunt on several private ranches in the area and we also hunt in the Paonia Ranger District of the Gunnison National Forest by special use permit with the USDA-Forest Service.

What caliber of rifle should I use for Elk & Deer and how far should I be able to shoot?
We recommend that you bring a rifle that you are familar with and have practiced with. Most of out shots are 150-250 yards. Most importantly is that you bring a rifle that you are comfortable with. We would rather you bring a 270 that you have shot for years rather that a .338 Win Mag that kicks more than you would like. Also recommended is that you sight your rifle in 3" high at 100 yards to be zero between 200 - 250 yards. We want you to practice shooting under normal field conditions and to shoot within your limitations. Ideally we would hope that your shot would be under 300 yards and that you would have practiced at that distance. 

What should I do with my meat?
It often depends on when in the week you shoot your animal and if you drive or fly to the ranch. Hunters can take the meat to a local processor and usually they can turn it around in a couple days.  The meat can be shipped to your home or you can drive it home as well. 

How much should I tip my guide?
This is a personal thing and in our opinion should be based on the individual effort and dedication of your guide. It should reflect your overall hunting experience not just the size or score of your animal. Having stated that, if you believe your guide worked hard, was knowledgeable about the area and animals, and did everything they could to make your hunt a success; typically around 15% - 20% of the cost of the hunt is what we suggest, and is more or less the industry standard.






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